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  • The Importance and Application of Cabinet

    The Importance and Application of Cabinet

    With the construction of smart city, data center as the link of information transmission, data center wiring becomes particularly important, and generic cabling as the basic project of data center. The network, server, storage and other basic equipment in the data center are relatively centralize...
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  • Reasonable and well-founded, hard work of cabinet cable management is taught online

    Cabinet cable management is a patient and meticulous job, but it is never a small job. I believe that professional engineers who have done cable management engineering in computer rooms have a deep understanding of this point. Cabinet cable management not only needs to install and deploy related ...
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  • What is the difference between a network cabinet and a server cabinet

    Network cabinets and server cabinets have the same thing in that they are both standard 19-inch cabinets. The difference between network cabinets and server cabinets is that the server cabinets are used to install monitors and servers, as well as UPS and other 19-inch or not 19-inch cabinets. Sta...
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  • Main composition structure of network server cabinet

    A complete new generation cabinet system mainly includes cabinet body, cable management unit, airflow management unit, power distribution unit, installation of fixed accessories, KVM switch and rack LCD display. 1. The main body of the cabinet; 2. The vertical installation of the column can be ea...
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  • Fighting COVID-19, we are together !

    The epidemic continues to ferment and affect the lives of people all over the world. China has survived the most difficult and darkest period of disease outbreak, and has richer practical combat experience, thus providing a lot of medical and material support for assisting the world outbreak. We ...
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  • New type network cabinet

    The factory comprehensively started new product development and production for giving customers more choices. The new cabinet door strip is not a simple plane, it is curved, full of three-dimensional design, using thin oblique holes. Visually, more refined and beautiful. Welcome customers to vis...
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  • New machine—laser cutting

    The factory purchased a large laser cutting machine this year in order to improve production efficiency and proofing speed. This machine uses the most advanced configuration and is second to none in the industry. Welcome customers to place orders, we will serve you wholeheartedly.     &...
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  • Network Rack Market Stand Out as the Biggest Contributor to Global Growth By 2024 | Key Players

    Network Rack Market report offers a comprehensive valuation of the marketplace. It does so via in-depth comprehensions, grateful market growth by pursuing past developments, and studying the present situation and future forecasts based on progressive and likely areas. This report studies the glob...
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  • Telecommunication Equipment Cabinet and Racks Market – The Increasing Construction of Data Centers In Order To Store Increasing Amounts of Data Drives Demand

    As the telecommunication industry continues to evolve, telecommunication equipment cabinet and racks within enterprises are experiencing growing demand. The explosion of connected devices and emergence of a new era of network including the commercial rollout of fifth generation wireless network t...
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  • Tuam txhab kev cob qhia

    Nyob rau Lub Xya hli ntuj 20th, Wosai Network ua hauj lwm kev cob qhia rau cov neeg ua haujlwm. Qhov no kev cob qhia yog mus ntxiv dag zog rau lub khiav ntawm neeg ua hauj lwm nyob rau hauv ntau yam departments rau lawv tus kheej ua hauj lwm, txhim kho kev ua hauj lwm efficiency, ntxiv dag zog pab lub tsev, thiab nteg ib tug zoo paus rau lub tuam txhab txoj kev loj hlob thiab g ...
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